Through a holistic approach to the body, whereby the whole person is considered in response to any one thing, I aim to create the space for others to become inquisitive about the body and our moment-to moment, fluctuating relationship to ourselves. I recognise that every body is unique, and I aim to honour the needs of the individual and empower them in their own journey. 




"Try to locate the quiet spaces in your body. Be soft in your practice."




Yoga Blend

5.20pm - 6.20pm


Livewell Staff
Windsor House

5.30pm - 6.30pm


Yoga Blend

4.45pm - 5.45pm


Upcoming workshops and events.


I loved starting yoga with Lucy! She has an inclusive practice, I felt welcomed from the very first moment and have felt myself growing in her classes since. Her teaching is precise and clear. She reminds you not to place too much pressure or too many expectations on yourself and incorporates a lovely sense of mindfulness throughout. Thank you Lucy!

Having just got back from a fab yoga retreat I booked into a class with Lucy at the Climbing Hangar- it confirmed that Lucy is a fabulous Yoga teacher and Plymouth is very lucky indeed. I have loved all the classes I’ve tried with her. I’m a Physiotherapist and I’m really impressed with the quality of teaching and flow of her particular style. Plus the safety advice and adaptations if you need them. World class. 

Like to try a short meditation with Lucy?  


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