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Welcome back to the place of online yoga! I hope for this to be a beautiful time of connection. Each session has been designed as a direct response to all that is going on within us and around us as this time. You are so, so welcome here. There is no expectation as to how you may arrive, simply arriving is enough.

All you need is a small space, and yourself! If you have a mat, great, bring that too! If not, don’t worry you can substitute with a towel or a blanket. If you want to get extra cosy, have a small cushion and a cosy blanket nearby too!

Please do remember that this is a donation based class. I love sharing with you and hope to do so for a long, long time to come. Your donations will go a long way in helping me to make this possible in an uncertain time. If you feel financially able, please consider making a donation (suggested donation £2 - £8) for this class to

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