Candlelit Yin-Yang Flow

Friday 8th November 2019

6.45pm - 8.15pm

Space To Move



In this autumnally inspired workshop we draw upon the relational qualities of Yin and Yang to find a balanced, wholesome and restorative evening. We begin with warming flows and sequences designed to open the body that are then complimented by a cooling, deeper and more restorative practice to close. Through the integration of guided mindfulness techniques and meditations we invite an inner harmony as we take the time to connect, breathe, relax and restore.

Lucy’s approach places emphasis on connecting to the natural rhythms and flow of the body/mind. By deepening our practice we can begin to find the innate language of our being. From this place we may begin to discover more space in the body, fuller, deeper breaths and a sweeter sense of release. She welcomes all from the complete beginner to the experienced practitioner. 

Cost of the workshop is £8.50pp (payable at time of booking). There is a limited capacity so please do book your space by emailing:

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